Prescott Papers; A final review before graduation

“10/10 A+++ service.”


Prescott Papers; A final review before graduation

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It’s time for another levelheaded review.

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SmokeyKongCountry3 originally published the review shown below on Reddit on Mon Apr 24 2017 00:00:00 GMT-0400 (EDT).

Prescott Papers; A final review before graduation

Hi all 🙂

I found Prescott Papers through Reddit about a year ago toward the end of my Junior year. Since then I’ve used them for most of my classes since I’ve been struggling with depression while also trying to focus on my core classes while finishing other requirements.


* Work is consistently sent to me ahead of schedule.

* The writers I’ve had definitely speak English as their first language

* Great writing

* Usually get pretty fast replies to my emails

Cons; Only two things come to mind:

* One paper that I ordered with a deadline of about three days came in about half a day late. Fortunately that only happened once out of what must have been at least 50 different orders. I think it was a different writer or something, since it wasn’t as good as the other papers. They gave me 50% off a new order since I asked about why the quality wasn’t as good. Except for that paper all of them went great.

* Prices seem to have crept up a little over the last year. For me it’s fine since I have a flexible budget and am more interested in getting a good paper once instead of buying a bunch of weaker papers for discount rates.

All in all; **I can’t thank them enough :)** Definitely recommend Prescott Papers. They did great work and any issues I’ve ever had have been fixed right away. 10/10 A+++ service.

I placed my last few orders to finish up degree requirements and it looks like this will be the end of my time working with them. I want to thank everyone and to those of you who are undecided or worried, just do it. I felt the same way and am so happy I did.


She or he published a positive review on Reddit on Mon Apr 24 2017 00:00:00 GMT-0400 (EDT).

Response to this thoughts!

We appreciate this client’s detailed notes!

The company is hoping to help SmokeyKongCountry3 again soon!

Maybe next time they can improve even further. It is excellent to read about this client’s experience. If anyone has any follow up thoughts about this blog post, leave those thoughts in the comments below.

Perhaps next time Prescott Papers can help with another subject, like information security.

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